Is Your House Vulnerable To Threats Like Intruders And Trespassers

October 16th, 2019

(( burglars, home invaders, vandals, and other criminals evolve over time. They have to due to security cameras, motion sensors, alarms, and automation features continually improving. Although not right, these culprits jobs, if that's what you want to call them, are to plan a robbery, steal valuables, or break stuff without getting caught. Still, though, installing a high-quality security system can keep homeowners one step ahead of such culprits.

Therefore, it can prove to be in their best interest to consult with a security firm. The technician will complete a walkthrough of the location with the Henderson property owner, design them a customized system, and install all of the components. Additionally, the professional will teach the consumer everything that he or she needs to know about all of the features and functions.


Even with these security bells and whistles, some things could still leave your house vulnerable to threats, though. Hence, it is a good idea to keep particular things in mind and avoid specific actions to safeguard yourself, family, and assets. So, curious Henderson residents should stay put and read on to learn about several issues that may result in catastrophe.


Living In A High-Risk Community

Not all neighborhoods and communities are created equal. Some have high crime rates for burglaries, muggings, and even murders. As such, if an individual or family is in the market for a new home, it will be worthwhile for them to use their smartphones or computers to research the area where they are considering moving. Excellent schools, public parks, and nearby dining establishments are great, but not if a person fears leaving his or her home. Thus, researching is a vital step to keeping you and your loved ones safe.


This And That About An Empty House

Criminals like to target homes that look unoccupied, and why wouldn't they? When structures are empty, there is a lesser chance of the thieves or vandals getting caught. Therefore, if a homeowner is going out of town for an extended period, they will want to have the post office hold their mail until they return. Then again, they should stop newspaper deliveries for the time being as well.

Having a bunch of UPS or FedEx packages piled up by the front door is another tell-tale sign of a vacant home. Even if burglars don't break-in, they could merely steal the boxes with the items that you spent your hard-earned money on. In such cases, you can ask a trustworthy neighbor to collect your parcels and hold them until you get back from your trip.


Keep Doors And Windows Locked

On many occasions, burglars enter a home through an unlocked entry point. In other words, they don't have to use a crowbar to jimmy open a door, window, or even gate. Rather, they simply have to open the unlocked device to get into the yard or house. They can slip in undetected, steal everything but the kitchen sink, and slink away without anyone being the wiser. So, take the time to check the locks everywhere. This action will at least make the criminals have to work to gain entrance.

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