Todays Homeowners Need Outdoor Security

November 26th, 2019

Most of us are aware of the term “porch pirates”. The delivery man walks up and leaves a highly anticipated package. A few minutes later, a car pulls up, passenger strolls up to the porch, grabs the package and poof! Your package is gone. Not only is this disappointing when you realize your package was stolen, but then you have to spend extra time doing what is necessary to get that package replaced, if you can.  

Why Do I Need Outdoor Security? 

In times like these, you should always keep a watchful eye on your property and not just for porch pirates. In fact, there are over 1.4 million burglaries every year. Installing an outdoor security system that includes network IP surveillance cameras and security alarms around your house can help protect you against burglary and break ins as well. It is a great investment for peace of mind and keeping your home and packages safe and secure.

The Benefits Of An Outdoor Security System

There are many benefits to a security system. They include: 

  • Crime Deterrent: Intruders will most likely steer clear of homes with cameras and alarms installed outside their homes.
  • Provides Evidence: Should you be a victim of home invasion or a crime, you will have solid evidence for the police to capture and jail the criminal.
  • Remote protection: Surveillance cameras these days have this feature that allows you to access your camera footage via your smartphone or laptop no matter where you are.

So to literally stop crime at your door, an outdoor security system is definitely the right choice.  

Choosing The Right Security For My Home Needs?

You may be wondering where to start and what you may need to get the right security system customized for your home. Here are some things to take into consideration: 

  1. You will want to choose a camera model that can easily withstand the elements and is water resistant. Remember that your camera will be exposed to the elements 24/7. 
  1. Consider where to place and position every camera. In addition to every corner of your house, your cameras should also be positioned where they will have the best view to record all exit and entry points in your house and any other weak spots on your property. 
  1. Surveillance cameras are the “eyes” that watch your property. You will want to make sure that the camera you choose offers clear images not just in the daytime but at night a well. For that you will want to look at infra-red cameras.
  1. Besides quality cameras, you may wish to consider getting a network IP surveillance camera system. What this means is that the system is connected to your home network. This lets you access the footage of your cameras anywhere in the world as long as you have internet

If you know you want a good security system and still have questions or may be confused about what you need, contact the husband and wife team of Newcomb Computers. Starting in the industry in 1998, locally owned and operated, we understand what is needed for your security. Contact us today to help you determine what you need.